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MOSAIC Managed Services
Please download the CNS MOSAIC Managed Service Brochure here
As a UK government accredited security & infrastructure services provider CNS can provide its clients with a managed and hosted environment for their critical business systems, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the business critical data that is held on client systems.

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CNS are uniquely well placed to provide such business-critical and security sensitive services. CNS consultants are UK government accredited, and our government work in the UK ensures that our security and management procedures are robust and well tested. To date, there has not been a single incidence of a CNS managed service customer suffering data theft, or other significant security breach.

Managed Services are CNS' fastest growing area of service provision. From our operating centre we are able to offer a raft of managed services from being able to monitor and log all activity on you LAN and WAN to fully managing many of our clients network and security devices.

Many IT departments spend something in the region of up to 80% of their time attempting to maintain the systems and technologies they already have. This can very often create an IT environment that is reactive, as it can only respond to current business needs, not future ones. In this type of scenario, emerging technologies that may otherwise reduce work load or enhance productivity cannot be reviewed.

CNS’ Managed Services are designed to offer a pragmatic and cost effective approach to IT Management. CNS’s services not only assure their customer’s of the utmost attention at all times but equally provide the confidence that their IT investment is being looked after on an ongoing basis.

CNS fully appreciate the dynamic needs of their customer base and must ensure their support approach offers the correct level of flexibility to support this need.

CNS’ Managed Service offerings are intended to:

  • Introduce best practices and maintain/improve integrity and availability of customer services and applications
  • Provide agreed levels of monitoring, management and reliability
  • Introduction of intelligent event processing (in the form of key performance indicator alerting)
  • Reduce risk and improved regulatory compliance
  • Segregate mission and non mission critical systems by improving confidentiality
  • Improve operational overheads and skill shortages
  • Monitor and improve network and security agility thereby improving the overall quality of IT service delivery

Please contact us to find out more.

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